Flamingo Estate

Biointensive Native Wildflower Honey


Antioxidant-rich, with powerful plant compounds from avocados, citrus, and macadamias; Flaming Estate's bees forage on wild sage, rosemary, lavender, Australian wattle, and eucalyptus, giving their honey a unique fragrance and a deep, delicious taste. You will love this 100% raw unfiltered honey, with nothing added but love and sunshine.

Product information:

  • 100% raw honey
  • Not Suitable For Infants Under 12 Months of Age

All raw honey from bees is good for you, but something incredible happens when you eat hyper-local honey made in the backyard. It’s a natural antihistamine shot. Raw, local, unfiltered honey contains pollen and propolis which builds immunity to allergens in our own environment, reducing inflammation and allergy symptoms.

Game, set... the perfect match!

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